OISIN MURPHY

The horseman, jockey and maestro that we know as Oisin Murphy is undoubtedly at the top of his game and after watching his career from amateur days to full time pro it was always apparent that he was going to be a major force in Horse Racing.


Oisin has done plenty of interviews over the years but not many actually ask about the man himself. So here we go for something a little different and invited our TCP club members to submit their questions to Oisin which will be based on horse racing and a personal basis.

TCP would like to thank Oisin for his kind participation and wish him every success for the forthcoming turf season and his international rides

1. Did you like school and what was your favourite subject?

I didn’t enjoy school at a young age but probably from the age of 14 to 16 was fun. My best subjects were German, French and Business. The latter being my favourite.


2. When not riding what is your favourite pastime?

I love showjumping. I enjoy watching it nowadays. I rode as a child and I was fortunate to have decent ponies. The Irish Showjumping team is strong and I keep an eye on all the results.

3. What is your favourite TV show?

I don’t get to watch much tv but I got in to Peaky Blinders! Brilliant acting from Cillian Murphy playing Tommy Shelby

4. Which mainstream comedian makes you belly laugh?

Tommy Tiernan. He’s top class

5. Do  you enjoy reading and if so what is your favourite book?

Age of Jihad

6. If and when you get the chance where is your favourite holiday destination?

I’ve been on holiday once, I was about 8 years old. My parents took my sisters and I to Spain for a fortnight. I came home with my father after 5 days. I like to keep busy.

7. If you could invite 5 people to a dinner party past or present who would they be?

Sheikh Fahad, James Blunt, Ralph Beckett, Ariana Grande, Samantha Harvey

8. Outside of horse racing who has been the major influence in your life?

My Parents

9. If horses were not in your life what do you think would have been your chosen career?


10. Who in racing would you consider to be your best mate?

Rob Hornby

11. Can you cook and if so what is your best/preferred dish?

Oven baked Salmon, Mash, Asparagus

12. Can you name a juvenile to watch out for that you are excited to ride this season?

Sparkle Roll

13. What track in the UK is your favourite one to ride on?

A toss up between York and Doncaster. I’ve been very lucky at both.


14. Firm hand shake or Man Hug?

Firm Hand Shake

15. Outside of horse racing who is your favourite sports person?

Marcus Ehning. Multiple World Champion Showjumper. He’s savage to watch.

16. Apart from the obvious when globe-trotting what is your must have item?

My phone. I don’t have a computer or iPad. I do everything on my phone.

17. What are your personal goals for the upcoming season?

Try and keep improving my riding. Keep the people I ride for happy. Find some fast horses.

18. Name  one horse that you think will win a classic this season?

Too Darn Hot

19. Due to your massive success do you get fed up of the taste of champagne or would you prefer a Guinness? 

I don’t really enjoy the taste of champagne. I’ve never tried Guinness. The colour doesn’t appeal to me.

20.When your racing days are over will you be looking at becoming a trainer?

I used to dream I’d like to train one day but at the moment my focus is very much on trying to ride them. Perhaps one day, time will tell.