How do I access the site from my mobile device?

If you signed up with a mobile device then you will probably be logged on when accessing the site from the same device. Members should tap on the menu which can be found at the top right hand side of the site, a drop down menu will appear and where it says Members Sign In there is a small plus sign (+) to the left of it. Tap on the + and another drop down menu will appear and these are the member pages which by tapping on will take you to the pages of your choice.


Explain the point system?

The TCP point system allows us to keep a record and work out our profit and loss, we use it as 1pt =£1, so for example a 2/1 winner would return £3 we take away the original £1 leaving a profit of £2 which is a 2 point profit. However members as individuals may prefer to have a higher point value and as such get bigger returns, so a member who uses £5 a point would get a £15 return for a 2/1 winner but the profit would still be 2 points. It is up to the member how much their individual point system is.


Are TCP affiliated with Bookmakers?

The simple answer to that is NO and we never will be.

Can I join for a month then leave and join again at a time of my choosing?

Yes you can, members can cancel at any time and join again whenever they wish, however by doing this the share offered from any syndicate bet will be less than a member who has a longer continual membership history (see Terms and Conditions)


If I am not happy can I cancel and receive a refund?

All members can cancel at any time and refunds will only be offered if the cancellation is within 7 days of their original sign up. In this case a refund will be provided but access to the site will no longer be allowed. Members who cancel after 7 days will be offered no refund but will have full access to the site for a month. Once the month has finished then access to the site will be denied. Those who sign up annually the same rule applies, whereas upon initial sign up a 7 day grace period will be offered but after this has elapsed the membership will last for the full 12 months and no refund will be offered or can be requested.


What are Advisory Bets?

Advisory bets are what we suggest our members bet on to the point value as we highlight, however these are not part of the syndicate bets. The advised selections are a result of many hours study and although we accept they will not all win they should however show a profit over the course of 12 months.


Do you have a referral programme?

Yes we do. Every friend referral will earn 2 referral points, once a member gets 10 referral points they will receive one month’s Free membership and a £20 free bet.


What is TCP Gold membership?

TCP Gold is specifically for members who wish to get involved in Race Horse ownership where an initial fee will to be paid will be £300 followed by monthly payments of £30. To show interest in this please leave your details on the TCP Gold members page form.